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Custom Pullout Ear Drawer Boxes

The Finishing Touch for Exposed-Front Pullout Drawers

Pullout Ears

Pullout “ears” are the finishing touch on exposed-front custom dovetail pullout drawer boxes.

We designed these boxes with the front of the custom dovetail pullout drawer box being rabbited so that we can dovetail the front corners.  However, a thin piece of the front extends beyond the sides of the custom drawer box.  As a result, the extending “ear” provides a hidden gap on each side of the custom drawer box.  Subsequently, the drawer box slide may be concealed within this hidden gap.  However, the front of the drawer provides a clean, uniform look that is desirable in an exposed-front pullout drawer box.

In addition, consider combining this option with a handpull or side contour to provide the complete package on your pullout drawer boxes.

View our construction spec’s below, then reach out for a quote on your next job!

Pullout Ears

Pullout Ears

Pullout drawers are offered with “ears”, which are typically used to hide slides.
Pullout “ears” have the following specifications:

  • Dovetails are behind the ear (see blue line).
  • The standard ear width is 7/16″ (customer can specify another width).
  • The maximum ear width is 1-3/4″.
  • The ear thickness is 7/32″ for 5/8″ thick sides, and 3/32″ for 1/2″ thick sides.
  • Pullout ears are only available with Half-Blind Dovetail joinery.
  • Customer provides the width of drawer box NOT including the width of the pullout ears.  The width of the pullout ears is additional to width of the drawer box.



Pullout Ears

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