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Custom Drawer Box Coffee Pod Inserts

Offer Neat Storage & Display of Coffee Pods Inside Your Custom Size Drawers


We are excited to announce the newest addition to our complete line of insertsCoffee Pod Inserts!

We have designed this to be a fixed height tray with a grid of holes cut in the top.  Subsequently, your customers will be able to neatly store and display single-serve coffee pods within their custom dovetail drawers!  Therefore, coffee pods no longer need to be stored on the counter or jumbled together in the box.  In addition, for a fixed number of holes, you may specify the width of the coffee pod insert, and request that it be held in place in the custom size drawer with a fixed divider.

With a coffee pod insert from Susquehanna Valley Woodcrafters, you can offer your customers completely custom coffee pod storage.  View our coffee pod spec’s below, then reach out for a quote on your next job!


Coffee Pod Inserts

The Coffee Pod Insert is designed to hold single serve drink pods.  It is custom made to fit the width and depth of the dovetail drawer box.  It is constructed as follows:

  • The tray is made out of 1/2″ thick Hard Maple or Walnut Plywood.
  • The top is mounted on 1-1/2″ high front and back supports (2″ overall height).
  • Holes are 1-3/4″ in diameter, spaced 1/2″ apart.