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Custom File Drawer Boxes

Provide Tidy File Storage in Your Custom Size Drawer Boxes


File Drawer Boxes

Custom file drawer boxes offer an elegant, tidy way to store hanging files.  Choose custom file drawer slotting to offer your customers refined hanging file storage.  We offer file slotting in a number of variations.  For example, slots may be placed:

– On the Front & Back Ends,

– On the Left & Right Sides, or

– A Custom Configuration.

Choose standard letter or legal file slots to be placed on the sides or ends of the custom dovetail drawer box.

Moreover, you may select any combination of file slot orientations.  This can include any combination of front & back, left & right, and letter & legal file slots.  In addition, you may also combine file slots with other options such as custom drawer box dividers in order to maximize available storage in the custom file drawer box.

View our custom file drawer box construction spec’s below, then reach out for a quote on your next job!

Slotting for File Boxes

Slotting is offered for file drawer boxes that use hanging files with bars. The drawing to the right illustrates the specifications of the bar slots.

  • The standard for dimension ‘A’ is half the thickness of the drawer box side, i.e. 1/4” for 1/2” thick sides, 5/16” for 5/8” sides.
  • The standard for dimension ‘B’ is 1/2” unless otherwise specified by the customer.
  • The following configurations are offered for Letter and Legal size hanging files.
  • Letter and Legal file configurations can be combined into one drawer box.
  • The metal file rods are NOT included (check with your local distributor).
  • When ordering specify the configuration: LT1, LT2, LT3, LG1, LG2, or LG3

The recommended minimum interior drawer box height is 9-1/4”.  Recommended exterior minimum drawer box heights would be as follows depending on the bottom thickness and bottom inset.

Minimum Overall Height for… Bottom Thickness with… Bottom Inset
9-3/4” 1/4” 1/4”
10” 1/4” 1/2”
10-1/8” 3/8” 1/2”

file drawer boxes


file drawer boxes

  • File slots are centered on the front and back.
  • For a LT1-LG1 combination, both set of slots are centered. There is no common slot.

file drawer boxes

  • All slots are on the sides of the drawer box and referenced from the front slots which start 3/4” back from the inside of the front.  The slots will be centered on the sides if the inside depth dimension is less than or equal to 13-1/2” for a LT2, or if the inside depth dimension is less than or equal to 16-1/2” for a LG2.
  • For a LT2-LG2 combination, the front slots are common for both file sizes.
  • The front slots start at 3/4” back from the inside of the front for inside drawer box depths greater than16-1/2”.  For inside drawer box depths less than or equal to 16-1/2”, the slots are centered front to back.

file drawer boxes

file drawer boxes

  • File slots are centered on the front and back on each half of the drawer box, with the center space between the files twice the distance as the space on each end.