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Custom Visible Storage Drawer Boxes

Offer Display of Colorful Items With These Unique Custom Size Drawers

Visible Storage Drawer Boxes

We designed Visible Storage custom dovetail drawer boxes to be used with a clear five-piece drawer front.  This will allow your customers to show colorful items such as pasta or beans.

Therefore, we construct this custom dovetail drawer box with a cutout front and a removable divider.  We place the divider two inches from the outside front of the custom size drawer.  As a result, your customers may prominently display items placed in the front of the custom drawer box.

Choose this custom size drawer box to provide your customers with unique dovetail drawer box options and set your cabinetry apart from the competition.  These custom dovetail drawers provide unique display storage options.

View our Visible Storage drawer box spec’s below, then contact us to request a quote on your next job!

Visible Storage Drawer Boxes

This drawer box is designed to show pasta or beans (or any other colorful items) through a clear 5 piece drawer front, which would be available through your door supplier.

  • The back and front sides are dovetailed.
  • The divider is located 2” from the front of the drawer box.
  • The divider is removable. It is slotted on each side which slides into pins on each side of the drawer box.