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Custom Bread Drawer Boxes

Bread Drawer Boxes

Custom bread drawer boxes provide safe, out of sight storage for bread and other perishables.

Our standard bread box comes with a plexiglas lid to offer maximum visibility, so that, when the drawer box is opened, items in the drawer box may be easily seen.  Alternately, you may choose a bread box with a groove only and no lid.  So then you may insert your own lid.

You may also combine the bread box with drawer box dividers to provide unique, customized storage solutions!

Bread boxes provide convenient, safe storage so you may provide your customers with both beautiful and practical options.  View our bread box construction spec’s below, then contact us to request a quote on your next job!

Bread Box

The custom bread drawer box is constructed the same as a dovetail drawer box, except for the following;

  • the back is 7/8” lower than the top of the drawer box.
  • 5/8” down from the top of the box a 1/4” wide and
  • 1/4” deep groove is routed on the sides from the front to the back.
  • price is calculated by adding (CM-100) to the drawer box price.


A bread drawer box lid is offered with the following specification;

  • 1/4” thick clear plastic.
  • 1/4” deep, 3/4” diameter flush nickel finger pull centered at one end of lid.
  • sliding lid is 5/8” down from the top of the drawer box side.
  • price is calculated by adding (CM-102) to the drawer box price.