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Crafters of Quality Custom Dovetail Drawer Boxes

We pride ourselves on First Class customer service and quick turnaround on orders.

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Drawer Boxes

Custom Dovetail Drawer Boxes by Susquehanna Valley Woodcrafters, Inc.

Superior Quality & Excellence in Every Product

We have developed a reputation for being a leader in producing high-quality custom cabinet drawer boxes and specialty boxes. We provide our customers with superior quality and service along with on time deliveries and competitive prices. It is our goal to help you build your business into a more profitable entity by allowing us to be your outsourcing partner.

We are excited to introduce a line of Cutlery Inserts (CI) targeted to the contemporary consumer! CIs feature narrow 3/16″ thick dividers and no sides to give a streamlined, modern appearance. To view this product go to “Inserts” and select “Cutlery”.


Quick Turnaround Times & Emphasis on Service

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Outsourcing Can Greatly Benefit Your Company

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Quality Craftsmanship & Attention to Detail

Our Drawer Boxes

Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing

We only use environmentally friendly materials when building our dovetail drawer boxes! All of our drawer boxes, specialty boxes, and custom designed cabinet drawer inserts are designed as “Green” products and will meet the requirements of those projects that are classified as “Environmentally Green”. We are proud to be an environmentally friendly manufacturer located in the heart of Lancaster, PA.

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Laser Logo Etching

Laser Logo Etching

Customize your dovetail drawer boxes or drawer inserts with our laser logo etching option! Your customers will be amazed when they see your company or dealer’s logo beautifully engraved on the front, outside, or either side of custom made specialty boxes. Our unique laser logo method is of the highest quality and is also flexible and accurate!

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