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Custom Drawer Box Knife Blocks

Offer Neat Storage & Display of Knives Inside Your Custom Size Drawers


Custom Knife Inserts

For customers who require neat, orderly, in-drawer steak knife storage, custom knife blocks from Susquehanna Valley Woodcrafters are the perfect solution!

We make our knife blocks to fit the width and depth of the specific dovetail drawer box.  We make the slotted block and handle-rest out of Lenga, and the bottom is Baltic Birch Plywood.  However, you may alternately request a Maple Plywood bottom.  To achieve a certain number of slots, you can also request a specific width knife block and combine it with a custom size drawer box divider to hold it in place in the dovetail drawer box.

View our knife block spec’s below, then request a quote on your next job!

Knife Block Insert

The knife block is designed to hold knives with the blades facing down. It is one (1) piece and designed to fit any width or depth drawer box. It is constructed as follows;

      • The block is 1” high Lenga (the block is only offered in Lenga).
      • The bottom is 3/8” thick birch plywood.
      • A minimum width of 10” applies when calculating the price.
      • The minimum drawer box (inside dimension) depth is 8”.