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Custom Drawer Boxes Common Options

NEW! We Have Just Added Blum Slide Clips to Our Common Options!

We offer a variety of options that can be used to customize your dovetail drawer boxes.  You can select these options to:



Common Options

You can choose common options to aid in the installation of your custom drawers.  For example, we offer three standard undermount notch widths (2″, 3-3/4″, 5″) with standard hole drilling.  These will accommodate most undermount drawer box slides.  In addition, we now offer Blum T51-1901 undermount slide clips.  Moreover, you may also select front hole drilling to your exact specifications in order to easily attach drawer fronts.

Selecting alternate top and bottom edge options can help to distinguish your high-end custom cabinetry.  For instance, a Machine with Hand Sand top edge provides a tight joint at the top edge, and it gives a more “handmade” appearance.  Similarly, choosing bottom edge options offers a more refined touch.

View all of our custom drawer boxes common options below, then contact us to request a quote on your next job!

Top Edge

The following top edge profiles are available at no additional charge with the exception of the step down construction (See Green dovetails, CM-070).

For the bullnose radius, the default is step down construction:

  • the drawer box ends (front and back) are set to full height.
  • with 1/2” sides, the sides are dropped 1/8” below the ends.
  • with 5/8” sides, the sides are dropped 1/4” below the ends.

Standard & Custom Drawer Box Design

The following top edge profiles are available with an upcharge for your drawer box design.

  • These edges are applied to the box after drawer box assembly.
  • Unassembled drawer boxes can not have these edges applied.
  • All top edges have the indicated radius, except the face edge on the front which has a machine edge.

Drawer Box Assembly & Design

Bottom Edge

The following bottom edge profile options are available. “Square edge” is the standard profile for our drawer box design and has no upcharge. Radius edges are available with an upcharge.

For standard drawer box design, the radius is put on the outside bottom edges. For a pullout, the radius is also put on the front bottom edge.

Bottom Edges of Dovetail Drawer Boxes


Drawer box assembly includes dovetail or bore & dowel construction. It can include assembling the sides with or without a bottom (if there is a bottom, it is pinned with staples). The standard assembly tasks, based on side material type, are specified below.

Assemble Putty Side Sanding Price Code
Solid wood CM-010
Plywood CM-011
Melamine CM-012


Drawer box finishing is offered with a waterborne clear finish, which contains low volatile organic compounds (VOC), and no formaldehyde. This finish exceeds the requirements of ANSI/NKCA resistance for kitchens, passes KCMA, and meets Mobelfakta (an internationally recognized quality standard) basic requirements for tabletops (domestic use).

The finishing option consists of 1 sealer coat and 1 top coat.  Finish is offered in Gloss (90 sheen) or Flat (15 sheen).

  • if assembled drawer box is less than or equal to 100 lineal inches (CM-020).
  • if assembled drawer box is greater than 100 lineal inches (CM-021).


Two (2) standard undermount slide notching widths are offered for the bottom rear of the drawer box, along with a hook hole. The depth of the notch matches the requested inset (i.e., 1/2”, 9/16”, etc.)

  • 2” wide notch for back of box (CM-030).
  • 3-3/4” wide notch for back of box (CM-031).
  • 5″ wide notch for back of box (CM-032).
  • hook hole for back of box (CM-040).
  • Blum T51-1901 Slide Clips are also offered (CM-035).

Options for Dovetail Drawer Box

Front Holes for Drawer Head

Front hole drilling is offered for attaching a drawer head.

  • less than or equal to 4 holes all the same size (CM-050).
  • greater than 4 holes and/or different hole sizes (CM-051).
  • size and locations specified by customer.