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Custom Angle Drawer Boxes

Different kinds of homes call for different kinds of solutions.  Therefore, we are here to provide unique dovetail drawers for these situations.  Angle drawer boxes provide a one-of-a-kind solution for unusual environments.  These can be constructed with:



Angle Drawer Boxes

These angle boxes provide maximum strength and beauty.  Moreover, they suit a specific need where a square custom drawer box would not work.  However, dovetail angle boxes may only be a maximum of 8-1/2″ high.  In addition, the interior extended angle must equal to or greater than 70 degrees.

We designed these angle boxes to fill the need where nothing else will work.  They provide maximum flexibility in both height and angle.

View our offering below, then reach out to request a quote on your next job!

Angle Drawer Boxes

These can be constructed with either:

  • Butt Joint Angles (SP-040)
  • Dovetailed Angles (SP-041) Maximum Height is 8-1/2″

This drawer box has a customer specified angle that can be used for angled base cabinets. The customer needs to supply either the angle or the length of the sides. The drawer box shown has dovetailed angles

  • The back sides are dovetailed.
  • For butt joint angles, the front sides are butt jointed.
  • For dovetailed angles, the all sides are dovetailed.
    • The extended inside angle must be equal to or greater than 70° (see picture).
    • The maximum drawer box height is 8-1/2″”.