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Specialty Dovetail Drawers

We offer a wide selection of custom specialty dovetail drawers to accommodate a variety of needs.  These include File Drawer Boxes, Bread Drawer Boxes, and more.  View our offering below, then contact us for a quote on your next job!

Corner & Angle Drawer Boxes

Corner and angle drawer boxes are offered with dovetailed angles at a maximum of 8-1/2″ high.  Taller drawer boxes will have butt joint angles.

Corner drawer boxes have a 45 degree angle at the front and a square back.

Angle drawer boxes require the extended inside angle to be equal to or greater than 70 degrees.

U-Box & Visible Storage Drawer Boxes

The back and front sides of the U-box and visible storage drawer boxes are dovetailed.

The U-Box is manufactured in such a way that it can be used to go around plumbing. The customer must provide the U-part dimensions of the drawer box.

The visible storage drawer box is designed to be used with a clear five-piece drawer front to show colorful items such as pasta or beans. This box contains a removable divider which is located two inches from the outside front of the drawer box.

Spice Box

Spice boxes are designed to be used as either can boxes or spice boxes in an upright position. Adjustable, removable shelves are used in dividing the spice box into small, horizontal parts.  Each shelf has a plexiglas front rail. There are three types of spice boxes which include;

A. Single Side Access 

This dovetail box is designed to be hung on the back of a door.  Items can be accessed from one side of the spice box. A fraction of ¾” is recommended to avoid puttying the dovetails.

B. Double Thru

This dovetail box is designed in a way that items can be accessed from both sides of the unit.

C. Double w/ Divider 

This dovetail box is similar to the Double Thru, but it has the difference of a center divider that prevents all shelves going through the unit. The shelves can only be accessed independently because of the center divider.

Bread Drawer Box

The bread drawer box is a dovetail drawer box with the back being 7/8” lower than the top of the drawer box. 5/8″ down from the top of the drawer box, a 1/4″ wide x 1/4″ deep groove is routed on the sides from the front to the back. A 1/4″ thick, clear plastic, sliding lid is offered with a 1/4″ deep x 3/4″ diameter flush nickel finger pull centered at one end of the lid.

Trash Can Drawer Box

A trash can drawer box can be mounted in the top of the cabinet or at the bottom of the cabinet using sidemount or undermount drawer box slides. These drawer boxes contain a removable lid with a single or double cutout design. The single cutout design runs from front to back while the double cutout runs side to side with one cutout in front of the other.  The trash can drawer box lid is also offered with no cutout.  There are two types of trash can drawer boxes which include;

A. Trash Can Pullout Drawer Box – Hang

This drawer box is designed to be mounted at the top of the cabinet.  This style has tapered bottom edges on the sides, no bottom, and the trash cans hang from lid.

B. Trash Can Pullout Drawer Box – Sit

This style is similar to the Hanging Trash Can Pullout with the exception that it does have a bottom on which the trash cans sit. This drawer box is designed to be mounted in the bottom of the cabinet.

File Drawer Boxes

File drawer boxes contain slots at standard letter and legal file locations where file bars can be placed to create a hanging file drawer box. The file slots can be placed on the ends, the sides, or a combination of both.

Custom Drawer Box Laser Logo Etching

Laser logo etching is offered so you can prominently display your company or dealer logo on your custom drawer boxes. The standard laser logo location is on the inside left of the drawer box, 1-3/8″ back from the inside front, and 3/8” down from the top edge. Laser logo etching is the most flexible and high-quality method of drawer box branding available today.  The following are the steps for setting up your company or dealer laser logo for use on custom drawer boxes;

a. You email us your logo design that you would like to appear on your custom drawer boxes (black & white .jpeg usually works best).

b. We will set up the logo and email you a proof picture for your approval.

c. You either reply with your approval or request modifications.

d. Once you approve the logo, it is finalized in our system and is available to be used.

e. When ordering, you would note which drawer boxes are to receive laser logos and the location, if not standard.

Contact SVW today to begin setting up your company or dealer laser logo design!