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Specialty Boxes

For quick order and delivery of your preferred customized specialty boxes, contact Susquehanna Valley Woodcrafters.  We are highly skilled in preparing quality custom boxes and have a reputation for quality and craftsmanship. Specialty boxes are preferred due to their high quality. There are various types of customized specialty boxes they can manufacture which as shown below…

Corner and Angle boxes

Corner and angle boxes both have dovetailed angles and back side. Corner boxes are designed in a way such that they are used in corner base cabinet. It has butt joint angles where both the front sides and angles are butt joined. Corner box has 45 degrees on each side at the front.

Angle boxes have butt joint angles where only the front sides are butt jointed. This box is for the angled base cabinet. The extended inside edge of the corner box should not be less than 70 degrees.

U-Box and Visual storage

The back and front sides of the U-box and visual storage boxes are dovetailed. The U-Box is manufactured in such a way that it can be used to go around plumbing. The customer must provide the U-part dimensions of the box.

Visual storage box is a five-piece drawer front designed to show unusual items such as beans. This box contains a removable divider which is two inches from the front area of the box.

Spice Box

Spice boxes are designed to be used as either can boxes or spice boxes on an upright position. Adjustable or removable shelves are used in dividing the spice box into small parts horizontally. There are three types of spice boxes which include;

Single Side Access 

This box is designed to be used on a straight way or hung on a door. You can only access your items from the box using one side. A fraction of ¾” is allowed to avoid putting the dovetails. Removable shelves are used to divide the spice boxes into horizontal parts.

Double Side Access Without a Divide

This box is designed in a way that you can access your products from both sides of the unit. Each shelf of this box has a plexiglass front on each side and also the bottom shelf.

Double Side Access With Divider 

This box is similar to the dual side access without divider but has few differences where there is the presence of a center divider that prevents all shelves going through the unit. The shelves can only be accessed independently because of the center divider.


The bread box is designed like a dovetail drawer box, but its back is 7/8” less than the top of the box. A bread box contains a sliding lid which is 5/8” from the top of the drawer side and also a thick clear plastic.


A wooden trash can be mounted on the top of the cabinet or the bottom of the cabinet using side or under mount drawer slides. There are two types of wooden trash cans which include;

a. Wooden trash can pullout box-hang

It contains two cutouts one is single, and the other one is double. Single cutout moves from the front to the back while the second cutout includes another cutout at its front. You customize the size of its width that is best for you. This box is mounted at the top of the cabinet.

b. Trashcan pullout box-sit

It contains a lid which can be removed and replaced. This box is mounted on the bottom of the cabinet.

File Boxes

File boxes contain slot top views and slot side views. The file slots are placed on the front or the back. There are no current slots since all are centered.

Laser Etching

Laser etching is where you customize your logo which can be designed on your drawer box. The logo is placed on the front side of the drawer box and 3/8” lower from the top. Laser etching is the most flexible and high-quality method. There are various steps that the company follows to set up a laser logo for you. The measures include the following;

a. You email the company a printed copy of your logo that you would want to appear on the drawer boxes.

b. A set up of the logo is saved in the company’s system which will later be emailed to you.

c. You will then view it and make corrections and communicate the changes if it does not please you

d. You request a solid sample of it when putting on a wood

e. In the case of corrections, there will be changes and finally activate the logo on your drawer boxes.

You can contact Susquehanna Valley Woodcrafters specialty box manufacturers to send them the custom specifications that you would love on your drawer boxes so that they can give you a quote on it.