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Custom “U” Drawer Boxes

Maximize Storage With Custom Size U-Box Drawers

U-Box & Visible Storage Drawers

Custom Dovetail U-Box drawers help to maximize space in under-sink applications.

We make the U-cutout completely custom to your exact specifications.  As a result, you may reclaim otherwise lost space and make it useful again.  So when you have customers who are concerned with achieving the most storage space possible, custom “U” drawer boxes are the perfect solution!

In addition, consider adding fixed or adjustable custom drawer box dividers.  Using these options will enable you to provide your customers with truly custom under-sink storage.  The possibilities are endless!

View our custom dovetail U-Box drawer spec’s below, then contact us to request a quote on your next job!

U-Box Drawers

U-Box & Visible Storage Drawers

This drawer box is designed to go around plumbing. The customer needs to supply the dimensions for the “U” part in the back of the drawer box.

  • The back and front sides are dovetailed.
  • Parameters A , B, and C must be supplied by the customer.