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Why Choose Us

A Company That Cares

Susquehanna Valley Woodcrafters, Inc. (SVW) was founded in 1998 by three individuals; Rick Boyer, Dave Gonzalez, and Jose Gonzalez with a passion for woodworking and manufacturing excellence. We started the business with a combined experience of 56 years in management, design, and implementation of various engineering and manufacturing systems with 35 years focused in the kitchen, bath, and furniture component industry. We realized an opportunity and believed that the marketplace was starved for customer service and would find real value in quality products that could be delivered consistently on time.

Our vision at Susquehanna Valley Woodcrafters is to be the industry’s leading and most sought after custom drawer box manufacturer. Our mission for accomplishing the vision is to develop systems that provide high-quality products delivered consistently on time, at competitive prices, while building mutually beneficial long term relationships with our stakeholders, preserved by unmatched service to our customers.

Best Valued Materials

SVW’s focus is toward the niche market of custom drawer boxes which are our main product and therefore they get our utmost care and attention. Our best, environmentally friendly materials are used in these drawers, and not creamed off for other products with higher quality expectations.

When SVW started manufacturing, we used “Lenga” as our primary material for drawers. Lenga being a quality hardwood, which resembles cherry, at a very favorable discount in price, gave us an excellent opportunity to offer a high-quality product at a competitive price. Even today, legna maintains that position of “best value” in our current much-expanded offering of species and grades of material. At SVW, we have developed systems that guarantee success in servicing our customers. We believe that good customer service is the ability to consistently deliver as promised and to be true to our commitments.