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Custom Drawer Inserts From Master Craftsmen

Susquehanna Valley Woodcrafters is the company to contact if you want top quality drawer boxes or custom drawer inserts manufactured in Lancaster, PA. For almost 20 years, our experienced woodworkers have been supplying our customers with a variety of products that are environmentally friendly. Aside from making uniquely designed dovetail drawers, we produce custom kitchen and bathroom drawer inserts, trays, and dividers, along with other specialty inserts for the home.

The inserts we design compliment our eco-friendly specialty boxes perfectly and allow you to store your cutlery, spices, cosmetics, and other items in an organized manner. Whether you plan on using them in your kitchen or your bathroom, with one of our custom-fit drawer inserts, stress can be eliminated when you have to search through your drawers to find exactly what you need.

Custom drawer inserts are designed to perfectly fit inside our beautifully designed dovetailed drawer boxes. Our cutlery drawer inserts are designed as trays (which are removable), or inserts (which are removable but have no sides). You can order cutlery units made to sit inside the drawer or you can have them made to slide along a track at the top of the dovetail drawer, with dividers underneath (we refer to this as a stacked cutlery). Whether you are a homeowner, builder, or contractor, you can improve the appeal of your cabinetry by adding custom dovetailed drawer boxes with made to fit inserts and trays.

Kitchen Knife & Spice Organizers

Knife blocks are one of the many drawer inserts we offer at Susquehanna Valley Woodcrafters. These custom inserts are made with a block of wood grooved every 1 inch, and attached to a wooden base. Knives are placed blade down in the grooves, providing safe storage and appealing organization.

Spice tray drawer inserts are aesthetically pleasing and completely functional. When filled with spice containers, the collection will look neat and organized in your drawer.  Your spices will be easy to find and just as easy to retrieve. We also offer wooden spice and can racks that attach to either a wall or door. The spice rack allows storage for a larger selection of spice containers, while the can rack offers flexibility with organizing canned goods.

Kitchen Drawer Inserts For Every Need

In addition, we have drawer box dividers that can be ordered either adjustable or fixed, or a combination of both. When you purchase the adjustable drawer divider(s), you will be able to position them either horizontally or vertically with 32mm adjustable spacing. Fixed dividers also run horizontally or vertically, or any custom design that is required to organize storage of nearly any item. If you’re looking to gain a variety of specific compartment sizes, consider drawer dividers constructed from our experienced craftsmen. If you’re looking to “wow” your guests, think about including a carefully construced trash can, dovetail drawer with laser etching, or a custom built corner box which are all part of our specialty wooden box collection.

Versatile Drawer Organizers

Susquehanna Valley Woodcrafters’ cabinet drawer inserts go beyond the kitchen. With a little imagination, you can use our wooden drawer inserts, trays, and dividers in any room of your house that requires storage. Such as in the following:

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