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Laser Etching

Laser Logo Etching

Logo etching is offered, which allows the customer to customize their drawer boxes with a company or dealer logo. The default position for the logo is as follows:

  • located on front inside left
  • 3/8” down from top edge
  • 1-3/8” from the inside front

Logos can also be etched on the front outside left and right, and front inside right. Just indicate the location if not the default (front inside left).

The laser etching logo method is the highest quality and most flexible and accurate. There is NO setup charge for a laser etched logo; however, there is a charge for each drawer box that it is applied. The following are steps to get setup for a laser etched logo:

  • the customer will EMail us a graphic copy of the logo.
  • it will be setup in our system and a picture of the logo will be emailed to the customer.
  • the customer will make corrections (if necessary), and communicate the changes to SVW.
  • the customer can request a hard sample of the logo to see how it appears on wood.
  • we will make any corrections and activate the logo.