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Classic Collections

We are proud to offer a product line called “Classic Collections”. These products are designed for the discerning custom cabinet shop that has a desire, and/or need, to offer a product that will clearly be seen as different from mass produced standard dovetail drawer boxes and associated options. Our vision and thrust behind this program is to proactively assist you with opportunities to distance your product offerings from the commodity end of the market.

As generations change so do the attitudes, habits, and “quality of life” desires of the end-user. These desires are pushing for an increase in more personalized products and services. In order to help you satisfy these emerging requirements, we are making available a selection of drawer boxes with interesting and unique characteristics.

You will find a large selection of designs, from half blind dovetails to through dovetails with unique spacing and styles (see information below). “Classic Collections” will also offer a wide variety of laser logo options that can be engraved on the side of boxes or on the front of pullouts, which may include ivy and wheat designs or graphics that are of special interest to your individual customers.

As we partner together, we believe that these unique styles and opportunities will give you the ability to better personalize products for your most valuable customers, and keep your business on track for continued success in the face of this dynamic and changing environment.

Half Blind

The dovetails in this style are cut part-way through and lock into the front and back of the drawer box. The dovetails are only visible from the sides of the drawer.


The dovetails in this style are cut all the way through the front and back of the drawer box. This style is designed for a more traditional look from the side of the drawer and is recommended for a box that gets a drawer head attached to the front of it.


This style is designed as a true traditional dovetail with the joint cut square all the way through to the front of the drawer. This design is best used for pullouts and/or drawers with exposed fronts. This style is designed to give you a traditional look from all sides.

Old World

The dovetails in this style are designed to represent the “hand-cut” dovetails of yesteryear. This joint is a mark of distinction with true timeless appeal. The top and bottom edge on the sides will continue the full depth of the box from the front to the back of the drawer.