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Economical Outsourcing

Accurate Pricing & Quality Products

In today’s competitive environment, companies are realizing the benefits that outsourcing offers their profitability and production process. Outsourcing with Susquehanna Valley Woodcrafters provides you with the exact (fixed) cost of a drawer box. There are no unknown (variable) costs such as labor (base pay, benefits, taxes, workman’s comp., etc.), equipment (purchase, training, maintenance, parts, etc.), material (wood inventory and consumables), yield (wood yield loss), inventory space (inventory control and paperwork), manufacturing space, utilities (electric, heat, etc.), and administrative costs.

Why incur additional manufacturing and overhead cost when you can request a quote for your idea online! For a stress-free experience and beautiful end product, contact us today. We are a company that has a reputation of being a leader in supplying high-quality custom drawer boxes, at a competitive price, and on-time delivers!